Networked sustainable working methodology

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Dynamic Methodology sustained by an effective Network

In order to help poverty-affected children and youths to a better life, INTERTEAM is applying a special strategy: local partner organizations in the countries of deployment are supported at different levels, through capacity development  and effective networking.

Be it in Tanzania or in Nicaragua, the abounding years of INTERTEAM experience in the global south have strong evidence: the effective fight against poverty. The „self-help“ approach has proven as a sustainable strategy. Therefore, INTERTEAM is taking an innovative and multi-pronged approach:

Engagements of local experts

INTERTEAM assigns  professionals from Switzerland, as well as local specialists to partner organizations in the global South. Experts, engaged for several years, share their knowledge, skills and experience with local staff in selected civil society and religious organizations as well as state institutions and local authorities. Such a know-how transfer can be achieved by means of further education / training or organizational development.


INTERTEAM professionals significantly improve the performance of these organizations (e.g., a hospital) and have a direct and indirect effect on poverty-affected children and youth.

The INTERTEAM-development worker with children from the Cheka Sana girls home

Complementary support through project funding

Apart from sending well qualified professionals, INTERTEAM supports as well selected partner projects financially. It is a pre-condition that such kind of projects (e.g. additional infrasructure in a girls hostel) have a high degree of relevance and need.


The assigned experts support local partners in the implementation of such projects adding a positive impact on quality and efficiency. At the same time, they ensure that the fundingis applied according to the proposal and expressed need. Project funding is only a complementary service to the personnel operations of  INTERTEAM. However, it greatly amplifies the effectiveness of professionals and their partner organisations.

High effectiveness due to thematic focus and network

Due to the interventions, not only the living conditions of children and youth are sustainably improved, but as well the legal, political and socio-economic frameworks of the local partner organizations report a positive influence.


Hence the support of INTERTEAM has to benefit organizations that advocate for children and youth by being active at different levels of society. These organisations can be found at the so called micro, meso and macro level (see chart).


In combining these dynamics, INTERTEAM is focussing on a specific thematic topic in each country (e.g. promotion of food security in Nicaragua) and is choosing partner organizations in the thematic cluster.


Hence, young farmers in Nicaragua will not only benefit from training by INTERTEAM professionals that are assigned with the local peasant organization at micro level. As well their organization at macro level, the Central Association of the Cooperative Coffee Producers in Nicaragua, is benefitting from INTERTEAM support. It is with this combination that change at national level is made possible.


Regular thematic exchange between all professionals and partners in a country assure that valuable experience and knowledge is passed on and multiplied. This impacts framework conditions positively at meso and macro level and has regional validity. In turn, it improves the quality of life of thousands of children and youth, even beyond the operational sphere of INTERTEAM experts.


More sustainability thanks to «capacity development»

In order to support the partners in Africa and Latin America as holistic and effectively as possible, INTERTEAM has developed a suitable capacity development model. This successful approach in development work is forming the basis for all interventions of INTERTEAM. The model is based on the assumption that individuals and organisations can improve their performance and with that  sustainable development if:


a) human learning processes are enabled,

b) process of change is embraced in organizations,

c) different organizations are interlinked by networking,

d) a general development of social systems is tangible.


The combination of specialists on site, complementary financial support and the exchange of knowledge among the partners and experts, INTERTEAM has a proven approach for sustainability.