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Effective and sustainable, thanks to Swiss experts at local level – since 1964

INTERTEAM is serving as a Swiss organization for development cooperation in the global south with experienced personnel. Since over 50 years, INTERTEAM has been active to advocate and implement for a better life of children and youth that are disadavantaged by poverty. In combination with local experts and complementary project financing, sustainable poverty reduction is achieved in an effective and professional manner.

The goals for sustainable development (SDGs), established by the United Nations in 2015, provide the basis for the engagement of INTERTEAM.

In addition, INTERTEAM is focussing on the child rights-based approach. According to the UN Child Rights Convention of 1989 four basic principles are at the center. These are the well-being of the child, non-discrimination, the right to life and developmen and participation.


Our Mission

Thanks to our long-term commitment to poverty-stricken countries, people are empowered and capacitated, communities supported and local organizations strenghtened. This enables children and youth in Africa and Latin America to recognise and develop their potential and shape the future of their society in a self-determined way.

Our distinction

INTERTEAM is the point of call for qualified professionals from Switzerland with the intention to contribute in development cooperation. Being an official partner of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (DEZA), INTERTEAM is recognized through its long-standing, stable and reliable relations to local partner organizations in the countries of operation.

In addition the local partners are strenghtened through the combined strategy with specialized know-how of Swiss experts and complementary funding of vital projects. INTERTEAM experts on the ground ensure administrative support of donor funding due to their long term presence.