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Who are the beneficaries ?

Whether in Tanzania, Namibia, Nicaragua or Bolivien – children and youths are in the focus in the INTERTEAM partner countries. They benefit through the improved access to health services, inclusive and higher quality education, adequate and healthy nutrition and less violence.

Still today, millions of children are living in poverty worldwide, resulting that these children can not develop to their full potential. 90% of all youths worldwide (aged 15-24) live in the global South. They are in great need of tangible action. Youth and children are the biggest number and hardest hit by poverty according to a study of the SDC (Swiss Agency for Development an Cooperation).

Child and youth poverty is multifacetted

Poverty is evident at many levles. Symptoms are often malnutrition, poor education, or lack of access to primary health care services. In addition, the vulnerability to violence, exploitation, discrimination and stigmatization is amplified with poverty.


INTERTEAM is focussing on the future for children and youth and with that on a long-term strategy of poverty alleviation. In a sustainable future without poverty, children and young people will have realistic chance to develop their enormous potential.


Sustainable future needs a resilient youth

Children and young people have to get involved in their development process, thus to activate their potential to contribute to self-determined and constructive shaping of their societies. Therefore, INTERTEAM aligns its entire activities to one goal: the sustainable development of children and youth in a healthy, safe and dignified environment. At the centre are basic services like food, school, education, hygiene, medical services and a non-violent environment as well as the induction to working life and the responsible participation in social life.


Orientation on the UN Child Rights Convention

Of central importance to INTERTEAM is  the child rights-based approach and the UN Child Rights Convention of 1989. In essence it says, that children and young people are recognized as independent actors and supported in their participation in community activities and projects.