Special project Colombia - Peace promotion

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Special project Colombia - Peace promotion



In Colombia, INTERTEAM has been committed to peace-building  for more than 50 years. Through the REDPRODPAZ network, INTERTEAM has found an ideal partner to assist the Colombian government, the social civil society and other stakeholders in the implementation of the Peace Treaty signed in 2016.


On 26 September 2016 historical events took place in Colombia. The peace treaty between the government and the FARC rebels, signed in Cartagena de Indias, ended the over 50-year internal conflict. But shortly thereafter the referendum on the acceptance of the peace treaty was rejected by the people. The country is deeply divided, and prospect for long-term and lasting peace has since faded. More than 150 human rights representatives and community leaders have been murdered since the signing of the peace treaty.


The gap between the rich and the poor stretches far apart in Colombia

The main reason for violence is social imbalance and unfair land distribution. Large landowners also preserve their property rights by using force, threat and extortion. Thus, millions of peasant families were expelled to the nearby cities, where they find neither work nor a dignified home. Children and young people who lack future prospects are the most affected.


How does sustainable peace development work?

In Colombia, so-called peace development programs were created in the late 1990s, which aim to fill voids of the weak and corrupt state institutions. The Colombian peace development programs are an initiative of the organized civil society, in which church, universities, the private sector and local institutions cooperate. They founded a politically independent organization, which are fighting over the causes of the 50-year conflict.


These 5 directions are:

  • Sustainable economic development
  • Political participation and governance
  • Promotion of educational and cultural initiatives
  • Territorial spatial planning of urban and rural areas
  • Ensuring the human rights of vulnerable groups of people


In Colombia, there are 27 such regional peacebuilding programs, driven by 29 supporting organizations and brought together at the National Coordination Unit REDPRODEPAZ. The dynamics are highly complex and change is the only constant.


The way INTERTEAM  supports specifically

This is precisely where the work of INTERTEAM begins:

  • Organizational development and change processes are promoted through the integrated deployment  of qualified experts, both in the partner organizations of the regional peace development programs as well as in the national coordination center of REDPRODEPAZ. Strategic planning, set-up of process management, HR- management or result-oriented impact measurement – knowledge sharing  is always the decisive factor in closing the gap between rich and poor. INTERTEAM emphasizes  efficiency and effectiveness of synergy potentials.


INTERTEAM operates on three levels:


  • At macro level, INTERTEAM supports the national umbrella organization REDPRODEPAZ with various concepts, for example by designing a social quality label for the marketing of agricultural products. With such a support, INTERTEAM facilitates market access for small farmers and thus improves their living conditions.


  • At  meso level, INTERTEAM avails to enhance cooperation between regional development programs. In the northern region of  Caribbea, Interteam experts support peace development programs in  ​​knowledge and sustainability management with the aim that foreign funded programmes  become independent in the long term.


  • At micro level, INTERTEAM contributes through targeted project finance to bestow alternative education opportunities for children and young people. Due to that intervention, an  educational program for environmental awareness was created. In addition, INTERTEAM supports an innovative soccer school to help children from poor backgrounds to progrees to a better future.


For INTERTEAM, it is a great concern to use this unique opportunity to support with the means described above the process to end the world's longest conflict and create lasting peace.

operational area

INTERTEAM cooperates at country level with the national network REDPRODEPAZ and as well with other partners with a focus on the northern departments of the Caribbean.


Tony Zuber

Head of Special Project Colombia


Current Development Workers in Colombia



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