Networked sustainable working methodology

In order to help poverty-affected children and youths to a better life, INTERTEAM is using a special strategy: local partner organizations in the countries of deployment are supported in many ways, strengtened and networked. 

Whether in Tanzania or in Nicaragua, many years of experience of the INTERTEAM inserts in the global south has clearly demonstrated one: to effectively combat poverty, «Self help» is an effective and above all sustained strategy. INTER TEAM takes therefore an innovative and multi-part approach:

Use of experts locally

INTERTEAM provides professionals from Switzerland, as well as local specialists to partner organizations in the global South. Experts share their knowledge, skills and experience with local staff in selected civil society and religious organizations as well as state institutions and authorities for several years. This exchange can be done, for example, by means of education / training or organizational development. INTERTEAM professionals thereby significantly improve the performance of these organizations (e.g., a hospital) and hence haave a direct and indirect effect on poverty-affected children and young people with a multiple increase of efficiency.

The INTERTEAM-development worker with children from the Cheka Sana girls home

Enhanced support through project funding

INTERTEAM sends not only well qualified professionals, but also financially supports selected projects of its partner. It is crucial that these projects (for example structural measures in a Girls House) have a high degree of efficiency and are urgently needed. The experts in use support local partners in the implementation of such projects and can have a positive impact on quality and efficiency. At the same time, they also ensure that the raised funds are intentionally used. Project financing is only a complementary service to the personnel operations of the INTERTEAM. However, it greatly increases the effectiveness of professionals and their partner organisations.

More effective thanks to thematic focus and targeted networking

The living conditions of children and adolescents are sustainably improved if not only the structure, but also the legal, political, and socio-economic conditions of the selected partner organisations on the ground are positively influenced. The support of INTERTEAM must therefore benefit the organizations that advocate for children and youth and are active on different levels of society - organizations of so-called macro-, meso- or micro-level (see chart).

To combine these powers even better and to use them effectively, INTERTEAM focuses on a specific topic in each country (e.g. promotion of food security in Nicaragua) and is looking for partnera in this thematic area (called thematic cluster). So, young farmers in Nicaragua will receive not only the direct training by INTERTEAM - professionals who work with local peasant organizations (partners at micro level); the Central Association of the Cooperative Coffee Producers in Nicaragua (partners at macro level) is guided by INTER TEAM advice and supported, making changes at national and even political level possible. Through regular thematic exchange between all active professionals and partners of a country (networking), valuable experiences of individual operations and knowledge is passed on and positive impacts on the framework conditions (e.g. general teacher‘s training in the North of Namibia). will  not only benefit individuals, but a whole region (as in the case of Nicaragua, even a whole generation of young farmers). This, in turn, improves the quality of life of thousands of children and young people sustainably, even beyond the operations of the INTERTEAM experts.


More sustainability thanks to «capacity development»

In order to support the partners in Africa and Latin America as comprehensively and effectively as possible, INTERTEAM is building a capacity development model (the model for the development and expansion of own capacities). This approach has proven to be successful in the development work and forms the basis for all the work of INTERTEAM; the model is based on the assumption that people and companies improve their performance and a positive sustainable development can take place, if:

a) human learning processes take place,

b) processes of change happen in organizations,

c) important organizations are interlinked by networking,

d) and a general development of social system occurs.

Through the combination of specialists on site, targeted financial support and promoting the exchange of knowledge between the partners themselves (keyword thematic focus and networking), INTERTEAM has exactly this promising approach.