Effective and sustainable - thanks to Swiss experts at local level – since 1964

INTERTEAM is a Swiss organization for human resources development cooperation. Effectively, professionally and sustainably having been fighting for over 50 years, the charity and NGO has advocated a better life of poverty-affected children and young people in the global South. This is achieved in combination with local experts and targeted project financing - for a sustainable poverty reduction.

On the one hand, the goals established by the United Nations for sustainable development in 2015provide a basis for the involvement of INTERTEAM (sustainable development goals, SDGs). On the other hand, INTERTEAM focuses on the child rights-based approach. According to the UN Child Rights Convention of 1989 four basic principles are in the foreground (well-being of the child, non-discrimination, the right to life and development, participation).


Our Mission

Thanks to our long-term commitment to poverty-stricken countries, people are empowered and capacitated,  communities supported and local organizations strenghtened. This enables children and young people in Africa and Latin America to develop their potential and shape the future of their society in a self-determined way. 


Our mission

Thanks to the long-standing engagement in poverty-affected countries empowers people, communities promote and strengthen local organizations. As a result, children and young people in Africa and Latin America can develop their potential can unfold and self-determination in shaping the future of their society.

Our speciality

INTERTEAM is the leading point of contact for qualified professionals from Switzerland who are planning an intervention in development cooperation. As an official partner of the Swiss Conferation Agency for Development and Cooperation (DEZA), INTERTEAM is, on the one hand, profiled through its long-standing, stable and reliable connections to local partner organizations in the countries of operation. On the other hand, through this combined strategy local partners are specifically strengthened with the specialized know-how of experts and supported thanks to the financing of much-needed projects. INTERTEAM experts at local level also guarantee through their long-term presence the controlled use of all donated funds.