Who benefits from INTERTEAm?

If in Tanzania, Namibia, Nicaragua or Bolivien - in every INTERTEAM country of deployment – children and youths are in the focus. They benefit from the improved access to health services, integrative and higher quality education offers, adequate and health nutrition and less violence.

Still, millions of children are living in poverty worldwide today. This means that they can not develop in accordance with their potential. 90% of all youths worldwide (aged 15-24) live in the global South. They are in great need of action, because where poverty is greatest, the proportion of young people tends to be highest according to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (DEZA).

Child and youth poverty has many faces

Poverty is evident in many ways. Symptoms are often malnutrition, poor education, or lack of access to health care services. In addition, also the vulnerability to violence, exploitation, discrimination and stigmatization increases with poverty.


INTERTEAM focuses on the future and a long-term strategy of poverty alleviation. For a sustainable future without poverty, children and young people have an enormous potential.


A sustainable future needs a stronger youth

It is about involving children and young people increasingly in their development process, to enable them actively to contribute to the self-determined and constructive shaping of their societies. Therefore, INTERTEAM aligns its entire activities to a goal: the development of children and young people in a healthy, safe and dignified environment. At the centre are basic services like food, school, education, hygiene, medical services, non-violent environment as well as the preparation for a working life and participation in social life.


Orientation on the UN Child Rights Convention

Of central importance for INTERTEAM is the focus on the child rights-based approach and UN Child Rights Convention of 1989. This means, inter alia, that children and young people are recognized as independent actors and promoted in their participation in activities and projects.