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Medical Nurse/ Trainer




3 years

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Partner organisation:

The Cedar Foundation is a “Not for Profit” Company that was established in Tanzania in 2014. Their mission is to help communities help themselves across multiple sectors (health, education, women empowerment, training and entrepreneurialism). All of their projects focus on meeting the needs of the most vulnerable, and respecting the environment. Among others, the Cedar Foundation aims to establish a Health Centre (Nyamatongo ward) providing quality healthcare service to all.



As a part of the INTERTEAM Country Programme Tanzania we contribute significantly to the improvement of access to comprehensive quality health care services and quality education provision for children and youth with disabilities or other special needs. To support the above-mentioned Health Centre we are looking for a professional who is able to conduct the following tasks:

  • To get to know the local staff at the Health Centre and to assess constructively their level of training and skills, identifying gaps in a sensitive and non-critical manner.
  • To assist in the design of a training programme to address identified gaps in knowledge and skills.
  • To train local medical staff directly in a cultural sensitive manner where possible.
  • To support the work of the daily patient care.
  • If appropriate to seek volunteers who could address other gaps in training and to assist in recruiting them.
  • To liaise with other institutions and networks to develop and share areas of best practice.

General requirements:

  • Successfully completed studies/apprenticeship
  • Min. 5 years of professional working experience
  • Minimum age of 30 years
  • Domicile in Switzerland
  • Good physical and mental health
  • High level of social and self-competence
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Interest in development policy and social conditions
  • Willingness to an adapted life style

Specific requirements:

  • Degree (Bachelor or Master) as medical professional or with a specialization like ICU nurse or midwife
  • Qualified medical general nurse training qualification or experience in training
  • Very good knowledge of written and oral English
  • Willingness to learn the local language Kiswahili

We offer:

  • Unique chance to work abroad for a meaningful purpose
  • Cultural exchange and expansion of personal horizon
  • Enhancement of competences through intercultural learning
  • Careful aptitude test and preparation for deployment
  • Professional support during deployment
  • Here you can find the extensive servicepackage

Application process:

Before you apply for a job, please visit first one of our information meetings. These meetings take place regularly in Lucerne. You will gain information about our way of working, the conditions of the deployment, our service package and you will receive the questionnaire for your application. Here you can find the respective dates of the information meetings.



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Tel. 041 360 67 22, Fax 041 361 05 80

E-Mail: info(a)

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